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Strict prevention and control, scientific resumption of work, Gao Hong Hydraulics achieved the "season start" in the first quarter

Recently, as the situation of the fight against the epidemic has entered a stable period, companies in various regions have gradually started to resume production. Based on the strict implementation of the epidemic prevention and control measures of the district management committee, Gaohong Hydraulics quickly formulated the "Enterprise Resuscitation Epidemic Preplan" with the help of Zhao Guofeng, the leader of the Fulaishan Office, and established a general manager The team leader's leading group promoted the resumption of production in an orderly manner. The company quickly resumed production and sales in a short period of time and achieved a "starter" in the first quarter.

Rushing for development under the epidemic

"It's not cold to blame the environment. You have to rely on yourself for the winter." Rather than passively waiting for the arrival of spring, it is better to rub your hands and stomp your feet to take the initiative to fight the severe cold of winter-

When the resumption of production in Yantai Development Zone is in progress

On the basis of strictly implementing various epidemic prevention and control measures, Yantai Development Zone has promoted the orderly and batch promotion of enterprises to achieve full-scale resumption of production and production. The epidemic prevention and control and economic development are "two-handed and hard-handed", striving to win "double victory"!

Four classes are well controlled by special classes, and there is a good way for enterprises to resume work under the regulations of Yantai Development Zone

"To help us resume production, Comrade Zhao Guofeng, the emergency management office of the street, gave us one-on-one assistance and guidance, not only helping us to coordinate the epidemic prevention materials, but also helping us to formulate the epidemic prevention and control work plan and epidemic emergency response plan in detail.

The leaders of the Management Committee of Yantai Economic and Technological Development Zone Inspection Committee inspected the company

On February 23, Liu Jianmin, deputy director of the Management Committee of the Yantai Development Zone Working Committee, Sun Wentai, secretary of the Fulaishan Office, and other leaders inspected the company's resumption of production and epidemic prevention. Liu Jianmin visited the company's production workshops,
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